… so I didn’t talk.

12 augusti, 2011

Från Life Magazine, 30-tal.

Idag har jag ögnat igenom en artikel om Greta Garbo, en anekdot om ett kärvt möte mellan den gudomliga och den yppiga Mae West var särskilt lustig. Blotta tanken på de två vid samma bord roar! Så här skrev William Frye i Vanity Fair:

Garbo and [Gayelord] Hauser rarely went out in the evening, but one of their infrequent excursions intrigued me: George Cukor invited them to his house for dinner with Mae West and one of her musclemen. The two fabled ladies had never met.
I went out to the guesthouse as they were preparing to leave. Garbo was in beige slacks and a beige sweater. “What are you planning to wear tonight?” I asked, knowing perfectly well that she was planning to wear what she had on.
“I am going like this,” she said.
“Put on your black slacks and sweater,” I said.
“Why should I do that?”
“Because Miss West is going to be in white. I’ve never been at dinner with her when she hasn’t worn white. Put on your black slacks, black turtleneck, and black patent-leather shoes.”
She took my advice, and the simplicity of the black clothes. combined with her wonderful hair, which was just beginning to turn gray, produced a stunning image.
I said, “Promise me tomorrow you’ll give me a blow-by-blow account of what happens.” She promised.
The next night she arrived as usual for her Guttysark [Garbos feluttalade favoritwhisky Cutty Sark]. We talked about this and that, but Garbo didn’t mention Mae West. Finally, exasperated, I said, “Well, what did you talk about with Miss West?”
“Oh,” she said, “I didn’t talk. During dinner, all Miss West discussed was monkeys. Do you know she used to have monkeys? I don’t know anything about monkeys, so I didn’t talk.”
“What about after dinner?” I asked. “Surely she didn’t talk about monkeys after dinner, too?”
“No. After dinner all she talked about was musclemen. I don’t know anything about musclemen, so I didn’t talk then either. I was home at 10:30, and I didn’t say a word the whole evening.”

Hela artikeln finns här.



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